Tens Machine

Labour and birth are an exciting time, but many woman want to plan ahead about their options for self help pain relief. As more is becoming known about the adverse effects of using medication for pain relief in labour, women are increasingly seeking effective, natural methods of pain relief. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a natural method of pain relief during labour and is becomingly increasingly popular in New Zealand.
TENS is a non-invasive, patient-controlled method of pain relief, which works by stimulating endorphin release when used at lower frequencies, and over-riding pain sensations when used at higher frequencies – both techniques are beneficial during labour. The advantages of using TENS are numerous and significant.

Collect two weeks before EDD and return as soon as possible once baby has arrived. We will send you an invoice with payment details and our coordinator will be in touch to organize a convenient date/time & place for you to pick it up once payment is made.


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