Course Calendar

CPR & First Aid


CPR1901Sat Feb 092:30pm – 4:30pmClosed
CPR1902Sat Mar 232:30pm – 4:30pmClosed
CPR1903Sat May 042:30pm – 4:30pmClosed
CPR1904Sat Jun 292:30pm – 4:30pmClosed
CPR1905Sat Aug 032:30pm – 4:30pmClosed
CPR1906Sat Sep 142:30pm – 4:30pmClosed
CPR1907Sat Oct 192:30pm – 4:30pmClosed
CPR1908Sat Nov 302:30pm – 4:30pmFull


CPR2001Sat Jan 252:30pm – 4:30pmBook
CPR2002Sat Mar 072:30pm – 4:30pmBook
CPR2003Sat May 0210:00am – 12:00pmBook
CPR2004Sat Jun 2010:00am – 12:00pmBook
CPR2005Sat Aug 0110:00am – 12:00pmBook
CPR2006Sat Sep 0510:00am – 12:00pmBook
CPR2007Sat Oct 172:30pm – 4:30pmBook
CPR2008Sat Nov 212:30pm – 4:30pmBook

Baby and You

We have suspended Baby & You until the measles situation is under control. We do not want to risk any babies