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1. Natures Sway Hammock
Members: $205.00  (Retails: $219.00)


Comes with: ceiling hooks, chain, wooden beam, carry bag, wool mattress, fitted sheet, door clamp, spring and safety strap.

2. Natures Sway Organics Baby Hammock (NEW)

Members: $260.00  (Retails: $289.00)

Comes with: all of the above but the hammock is made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.

3. Natures Sway Hammock Stand

Members: $160.00  (Retails: $175.00)

Four legged stand, made from tubular metal, 188cm tall with leg span taking up less than a square metre of floor space.

Available in: gold passivate finish or powder coated cream to match hammock.

4. Natures Sway Hammock and Stand Package

Regular- Members $299.00 (Retails: $329.00)
Organics- Members: $365.00 (Retails: $399.00)

Comes with: fitted sheet, wool mattress, hammock, spring, wooden spreader beam, good passivate 4 legged stand.

5. Natures Sway Door Clamp

Members: $18.00 (Retails: $20.00)

For use with hammocks, to hang from a doorway or frame of the wardrobe door.

6. Natures Sway Mosquito Net

Members: $13.00 (Retails: $15.00)

7. Natures Sway sheets for Hammock

Brushed Cotton Fitted Bottom Sheet- Members:  $8.00
Brushed Cotton Top Sheet- Members:                         $10.00
Brushed Cotton Set for- Members:                                  $18.00
Organics Fitted Bottom Sheet- Members:                   $14.00
Organics Fitted Top Sheet- Members:                          $23.00
Organics Set for- Members:                                                  $34.00

8. Bellaroo Pouch Slings (Cotton or Merino)

Cotton Sling:  (See demo slings in stock!)

See www.bellaroo.co.nz for current fabric, styles, sizing available!

Members: $60.00 (Retails: $69.00)
Merino Sling:  Members: $75.00 (Retails: $85.00)

Go to www.bellaroo.co.nz. Give them the discount code WAPC to get the members discount!

9. Amber Beads

Members: $36.00 (Retails: $40.00)

 30cm in length (Suitable from 3 months)

11. Kimberly Collection- Blankets

Members: $66.00 (Retails: $69.00)

Cot Size: 110x150cm

Pure NZ Wool cellular weave blankets. Thermacell. Machine Washable. Satin Bound.

Colours: brown, cream, blue

12. Kimberly Collection- DriCot
Members: $47.00 (Retails: $50.00)

 70x90cm. An essential item for those inevitable spills in the night!   

 Recommended by generations of Mums for keeping the cot mattress in good condition.

13. Baby Food and Beyond Cookbook

Member: $11.00 (Retails: $17.99)

By Simon and Alison Holst

A must have once babies start solids!

14. The New Zealand Pregnancy Book

Members: $45.00 (Retails: $54.99)

BY Sue Pullon and Cheryl Benn. Revised Edition

15. Wheat Packs
Members: $12.00

Handmade for Parents Centre with a removable and washable cover.  Lavender scented: ideal for labour!!

17. Nursing Tops: U+baby

Member: $49.99

Available in small, medium, large and extra large. This short sleeved v-neck top has a horizontal over and under layer. You can easily breastfeed by pulling the over layer up or the under layer down! Pink or black.

18. Nature Sway Pouch Pack

Members: $153.00 (Retails: $179.00)

Nature Sway is now making a Pouch Pack, similar to the popular Ergo carrier. Can be used as a front pack or a back pack. Comes in a range of colours and fabrics.

19. Nature Sway Carry Wrap

Members: $ 76.00  (Retails: $89.00)

Nature Sway is now making a carry wrap to wear baby more comfortably. Similar to the popular Moby Wrap. Can be used to carry baby on the front, back or side. Comes in a range of colours and fabrics.

20. Womama Wrap Dress

Members: $ 99.00  (Retails: $125.00)

Fantastic “little black dress” for pregnant/labouring/nursing mothers!

Colours: Black, Size: 14

While supplies last!

21. Dinky Diner Portable High Chair

Members: $18.00 (Retails: $19.00)

Portable high chair, take anywhere! Colours: Red, blue and black.

22. Ear Drops Journey CDs

Members: $15.00 each (Retails: $19.99 each)

CDs for babies. 3 to choose from: Sounds of the City, Sounds of the Country, Sounds of the Home

23. Kakariki Green ABC Wall Frieze

Members: $25.00 each (Retails: $30.00 as seen at Nature Baby!)

ABC wall frieze for baby’s room or the toy room- Kiwiana themed words!

See Demo Wall Frieze in stock!

24. Little Snuggles Muslin Wrap Set

Members: $20.00 each (Retails: $22.00)

100% Cotton- Pack includes 3 Large Muslin Wraps Plus 3 Face Clothes. Large 105cmx105cm. Colours: Green, Lemon, Grey, Pink, Blue and White

See Demo muslin wrap set in stock!

25. People Puppies Taggie Blankets

Members Price: $16.00 (Retails: $16.50)

Cuddly, soft taggie for your little one to snuggle with. Babies love tags so this will keep them happy and busy, and the soft fabric will be comfortable on their skin. Comes in 3 different style: boys themed fabric, girls themed fabric or unisex themed fabric.

25. Little Snuggles Well Child Plunket Book Covers

Members price: $20.00  (Retail price: $22.00)

Keep your new babies special records safe forever. With the personally designed ‘Well Child’

Plunket Book Covers you can rest assured your baby’s book will be stay great condition for years to come.

Comes in a variety of styles: pohutakawa, flax,blue cats, buzzy bee, jolly pirates,lightning mcqueen,

Baby girl, paua, pink ballerinas, pinstripe nursery, spiral koru, trains.

26. People Puppies Jumbo Crayon Roll

Members price: $16.50 (Retails: $18.00)

Large roll up crayon roll offers 12 crayons and rolls for easy storage in any bag, secured with a strap and button.

29. The Wooden Toy Store

 Go to www.woodentoystore.co.nz, when you purchase anything from their website they will donate to West Auckland Parents Centre. Just put “West Auckland Parents Centre” in the Special Instructions box when checking out. Thanks for your support!