Antenatal Courses

West Auckland Parents Centre offer a comprehensive childbirth education course to help you and your partner prepare for having a baby.

Our 6 week evening childbirth education course is taught by a qualified Childbirth Educator, so you can be sure of receiving all the information you’ll need to help you understand pregnancy, labour and birth. We limit the numbers on each course to ensure good educator to participant ratios so early booking is recommended.

Please see the course schedule for dates of classes and also read the frequently asked questions about childbirth education courses for more information.

The Childbirth Education course covers:

  • Foetal positioning, pregnancy and pelvis anatomy plus their role in labour and birth
  • Signs and stages of labour
  • Self-help pain relief options
  • Medical pain relief, obstetric interventions and their alternatives
  • The birth process
  • Making an informed decision on Vitamin K and vaccinations
  • Breastfeeding and new-born care
  • The postnatal period and postnatal emotions
  • Support during labour and birth and support in the community
  • A Saturday morning session covering Practical Parenting issues such as bedding, bathing, winding, nappies and clothing.
  • A visit to the Plunket Family Centre

Our Childbirth Education package includes:

  • 6 week evening childbirth education course, including practical parenting topics
  • Placement in coffee group
  • Postnatal support opportunities
  • Membership to West Auckland Parents Centre & our national body, Parents Centre New Zealand
  • Big discounts on our parent education courses.
  • Subscription to our national magazine, KiwiParent and the West Auckland Parents Centre newsletter, Tiny Talk.

Location: Our classes are usually at Kelston Community Centre on the corner of Great North Road and Awaroa Road. This can occasionally change but you will be advised at the time of booking.


Please contact our Childbirth Education Bookings Co-ordinator for information about availability and bookings by emailing


Education Package with 1 year membership$245
Education Package with 2 year membership$315

Full payment is required upon enrolment.

Class Schedule

CourseDay of WeekStartEndTimePractical
Date Range
2101SaturdayJan 09Jan 239am - 4pmJan 16Feb 01 - Mar 05
2102MondayJan 18Mar 17pm - 9pmFeb 20Mar 06 - Mar 29Closed
2103ThursdayFeb 11
Mar 18
7pm - 9pmFeb 27
Apr 01 - May 02Closed
2104TuesdayMar 16
Apr 20
7pm - 9pmApr 10
May 03 - Jun 02
2105ThursdayApr 15
May 20
7pm - 9pmMay 01
Jun 03 - Jul 04
2106TuesdayMay 18
Jun 22
7pm - 9pmJun 12
Jul 05 - Aug 04
2107ThursdayJun 17
Jul 22
7pm - 9pmJul 10
Aug 05 - Sep 05
2108TuesdayJul 20
Aug 24
7pm - 9pmAug 14
Sep 06 - Oct 06
2109ThursdayAug 19
Sep 23
7pm - 9pmSep 11
Oct 07 - Nov 07
2110TuesdaySep 21
Oct 26
7pm - 9pmOct 16
Nov 08 - Dec 08
2111ThursdayOct 21
Nov 25
7pm - 9pmNov 13
Dec 09 - Jan 02
2112MondayNov 15
Dec 207pm - 9pmDec 11
Jan 03 - Jan 31Enquire

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