Magic Moments

A 3 week evening course that parents and caregivers to build strong and caring relationships with their children, whilst giving clear boundaries.

This course will cover:

  • The 6 Principles of Effective Discipline and how they apply in your own life.
  • The developmental stages and milestones of pre-schoolers.
  • Positive and effective communication techniques to engage children’s cooperation.
  • The importance of routine and structure and practical strategies for use in your own life.
  • Why it is important to allow children to express their feelings and how they do this.
  • Practical techniques for helping children express and deal with their feelings.
  • The difference between discipline and punishment.
  • Negative outcomes of physical discipline of children and negative behaviour triggers.
  • Non physical discipline techniques and ways they can be used within a family setting.

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We are currently applying for grant funding to run this course.
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