Baby & You

Baby & You is a three part, daytime course for parents to attend with their new baby (0 – 4 months).  This course is designed to build on the parenting skills that you have developed during your Child Birth Education class and the early days with your new baby.   This class is a time to ask questions and deal with issues as they arrive whilst helping you to understand and cope with your role as a new parent.

The three sessions* are:

Session One

Birth Experience Debrief –  giving you a chance to share your birth experience (if you want to) and to gain information that may help
guide you throughout the course. Facilitated by Cheryl Tinholt

Session Two

All About You – giving you the opportunity to reflect on how your life has changed since you had your baby, whether your expectations have been met, and how you can maximise your enjoyment and take care of yourself during this important time. Facilitated by Sarah Smith

Baby Massage – covering when, where, why, and how to massage your baby. Facilitated by Sarah Smith

Session Three

Sleeping and Settling – tips and tricks for settling your baby for sleep and what’s normal for baby sleep. Facilitated by Cheryl Tinholt

Feeding – discussing any questions or issues you have with feeding and getting some support. Facilitated by Cheryl Tinholt

*Session order may change due to speaker availability

Course Schedule

CourseStart DateTime 
BY1801Thu Nov 2910am – 12pmClosed
BY1901Thu Jan 1710am – 12pmClosed
BY1902Thu Feb 2110am – 12pmClosed
BY1903Thu Mar 2110am – 12pmClosed
BY1904Thu Apr 1810am – 12pmClosed
BY1905Thu May 1610am – 12pmClosed
BY1906Thu Jun 0610am – 12pmClosed
BY1907Thu Jul 1810am – 12pmClosed
BY1908Thu Aug 1510am – 12pmBook

*More dates coming soon!


(per person)


Member pricing supported by a generous grant from the Lottery Grants Board